blackbox agents have been booking live music and performance events across texas since 2003. blackbox can book your venue, bar, restaurant, festival, private event or party. our well-connected and passionate agents work tirelessly to maintain a catalog of performers and industry professionals in every genre. blackbox's  vast contact list includes:

  •   original music in every genre (from psychedelic to blues to hip hop to classical to latin to country to rock to electronic to jazz and funk)
  •   solo acoustic performers
  •   djs (from edm, top 40 and karaoke)
  •   cover bands of all shapes, sizes and genres
  •   audio and lighting technicians, pa and lighting systems
  •   stylists, make up artists
  •   actors, comedians, poets and singers
  •   other performance artists such as magicians, clowns, aerialists, burlesque, go-go dancers and more
  •   visual artists, projectionists, interactive art, optical art, puppetry, mask, mime and more


  •   photography (live, on location, studio)
  •   consulting (booking, legal, tours, promotion)
  •   music video production

blackbox understands the "biz" in showbiz and can save you money, time and the endless frustration that come with hosting live music at your place. blackbox offers the following services:

  •   calendar management  - blackbox maintains a web-based calendar system that is share-able by anyone in your organization
  •   payouts - blackbox offers venues the ease of paying one vendor, us, for all events. simply pay blackbox and we'll handle payouts to the artist or technician. this is especially helpful when it's tax season as you will only have to keep track of filing one 1099 form for all of your live music while blackbox accountants handle filing artists' info.   
  •   advancing -  keeping everyone "on the same page" is essential for a successful event. for each event blackbox books we'll email all parties a "show advance" form that we customize for your venue including date, time, location, cover details, pa details, payout info, ages, smoking policy, cancellation policy and much more. this eliminates confusion between venue and artist or techician during and after the event. 
  •   staffing  - blackbox has an endless roster of qualified, professional audio engineers, lighting techs, box office staff, scenic designers, accountants, even bartenders and waitstaff. 
  •   contracting -  failure to plan is a plan to fail.  no one wants to assume an event could go south, but it happens every day in the music biz. contracts are necessary to protect businesses and artists from fallout from cancellations, payout disputes, or any of the thousand things that could go wrong in this crazy business. 
  •   buying for national talent - major talent is managed by major agencies. in order to book artists represented by an agency you must navigate thru official offer sheets, contracts, deposits and riders, which must all be coordinated with the utmost professionalism and speed. blackbox is well-versed in these procedures and can flawlessly execute these bookings every step of the way

promoting events is essential and blackbox has the professionals to meet your venues promotion needs. check out what we can offer:

  •   web design  - you give us your ideas, time frame and budget and let blackbox's web design connections get right to work to create the custom website you need
  •   poster and web graphics  - check out a gallery of artwork created by blackbox here. this is one of our favorite parts of promoting music events. from calendar posters to facebook event images to original artwork that defines an event, blackbox excels in creating the sharpest looking, frame-worthy artwork. 
  •   social media promotion - maintaining social media posts and event pages can be a headache to maintain. blackbox can create accounts, schedule posts and maintain an online presence for your venue or event with a special eye for increasing attendance and interacting with the community.
  •   street team - blackbox's street team hits the town each week to put up posters, hand out swag, and talk to people about our client's events. 
  •   media and advertising buying  - blackbox can coordinate ad purchases in print publications, blogs, websites, radio, outdoor, social media - you name it! 
  •   media and public relations  - communicating with the media, smoothing over any image issues and networking/cross promotion with other companies all enhance the public's perception of your venue or event. blackbox has an extensive media contact list for the north texas market.  
  •   sponsorship - music series or events can benefit greatly by partnering with other companies and organizations. blackbox has the relationships and skills necessary to bring sponsor partnerships and funds to your event or series. 

PHOTO BY DARK HORSE IMAGES. ( Diamond Age performs at The Wayside Ballroom in Fort Worth, Texas. 30 October 2015. Event promoted by Wayside & Blackbox Concerts.