photo credits: Parker T. Photography, Pitaru, and Dark Horse Images
blackbox concerts works with all artists rather than maintaining a strict roster to book from. we also don't take a cut of money for booking from the artists themselves.  it's blackbox's goal to support local performers and technicians with integrity and the utmost opportunity to profit and allow their art or business to thrive.  note: blackbox concerts feels strongly against bands "paying to play".  though we understand expenses such as audio techs and box office staff may need to come first, a band should never have to pay a promoter or venue to be booked. if you're being required to sell tickets to an event, you should be making a healthy cut of what you sell. if you feel you're being taken advantage of, blackbox can advise you about other ways to get your band booked. 
naturally, we get a lot of booking inquiries. if you're new to working with blackbox, please email us information about what you do and what you're looking for. for original bands please email PARKER@BLACKBOXCONCERTS.COM and JAMIE@BLACKBOXCONCERTS.COM. for cover, acoustic or dj gigs please contact AARON@BLACKBOXCONCERTS.COM. please note that all booking is based on availability and how you meet the needs of our venue clients. please allow up to 2 weeks for a reply, however, the squeakiest (and most professional!) wheels tend to get some more grease. we hustle to make a living and can totally respect that quality in others. 
blackbox is an artist-friendly organization. if you're feeling overwhelmed by local booking, tour booking, promotion, anything - we're here to help. maybe you're wondering how to take the next step, or how to get your music heard, or how to make money as a band, or if it's time to hire a manager or agent, or how the hell to book a national tour. if so, hit us up. we can protect you from predatory policies by those who seek to profit from your hard work or exploit your lack of knowledge or connections to their benefit.